Suicide Awareness…

This is something that is a touchy subject however this is also something that is becoming an epidemic in our communities.  With the technology available to everyone and the threat of bullying and online predators the threat never leaves even when you get home.  It is imperative as parents and family members to be aware and cognizant of changes in behaviors and attitudes.

We as a society have labeled depression as something bad and something to be ashamed of and really it isn’t.  For centuries depression has been a problem, however with the media and technology now we are more aware of the impact it has on us as a whole.   I am a very fortunate woman to not have had to deal with this personally however I do know some close friends that have and it is DEVASTATING!!!!

In the last month, we in our community have had 2 kids commit suicide at our local school. These are our babies and they needed help however they didn’t feel they could speak to anyone about their problems.  I am personally on a mission now to bring awareness to everyone that I can to inform them there are resources available to everyone.  Yes, I am a nosy parent and I ask a lot of questions to my children on everything.  Do I always like the answers? NO…. Do I judge?  NO, I really try to be on the fence and offer my advice to what my almost 40 years have taught me.  We talk to our children and offer that there are options available to anyone.

Please know that if you are feeling this way please reach out to someone because you matter!  You are special and you have an impact and life IS better with you in it.  Never for once let someone tell you any better you are a gift and you matter to everyone.

I for one have not had a perfect life I have a pretty less than stellar childhood however not once did Suicide ever come into my thoughts.  You want to know why? I knew I would make a difference in someone’s life and I knew deep down I have a purpose.

There are multiple resources available to you here are a few:

National Suicide prevention hotline is 1-800-273-8255

Please! You Matter! You are Loved!

Who says Oils are bogus? 

Let me tell you a little story.  So darling Prince of my heart was playing with his kitty cat on Sunday.  Somehow they were playing too rough and darling kitty cat bit said Prince on the ear! OMG who would have thought ears bleed so bad?  Well after my hunky hubby and I evaluated the situation trying to determine how bad it was.  We pull out the Lavendar Oil and Tea Tree oil.  Let me tell you the Lavendar Oil stopped the bleeding almost immediately as Lavendar has coagulating properties, once that was handled we applied Tea Tree oil as it has healing properties.  Between the two today 2 days later you can barely see the bite.  Whew!  Didn’t want to add that scar to the bunch and believe me the boy has had a few encountering Tree monsters on his four wheeler.  😉

Sticks and stones…

We all know the adage.  They say words can never hurt you, well that is so wrong! Bones can heal hearts can not.

Recently, things have been enlightened to me that show who people really can be.  I have been cut deep and wounded by people I thought I could and should have been able to trust however that wasn’t the case.  By nature, I am a trusting person and want to give everyone the benefit of the doubt.  However, when my gut starts giving me the sign I usually stop and re-evaluate.  When you don’t listen to your gut then things surely will go down hill and they usually do.  I have taught my children to listen to their hearts and their guts and if they have any reservations step back and evaluate.

I am a very blessed woman, I have a wonderful husband who gives me everything I could possibly want and doesn’t sneeze at it.  I have the most creative, beautiful, talented children who are very sweet and think of others. In my life I feel that I have done something right when I look at my kids.  They truly are a reflection of me as a mother, I think everyday I am so lucky to be their momma and I thank God everyday that he chose me to be their mom and to be the wife of my husband.

What should always be something to remember is that saying “sorry” doesn’t make weak, not admitting that you were wrong does and it makes you weak.  Always, think before you speak and really evaluate what you are going to say before the “heat of the moment” gets you to the point of where you can’t turn back.  Also, blood isn’t necessarily thicker than water for some.  True Family isn’t always your blood relatives, that is also something I have learned in my years.  Be thankful for what you have and always tell your loved ones you love them.  Whether it is just a friend or your husband and kids.

Much Love

Oily Momma!

Recipes Continued

Facial Cleanser

1 c. Unscented Castille Soap

1/8 c. Vitamin E or Jojoba Oil

1/8 c Vegetable Glycerin (to thicken the soap)

5 drops Frankincense  Essential Oil (I get my Oils here

10 Drops Elemi Essential Oil (I get my Oils here

5 drops Lavender Essential Oil (I get my Oils here

In a regular soap dispenser mix all ingredients together.  Once mix fill the remaining of the dispenser with distilled water. Follow normal Facial Cleansing Routine.


Facial Sugar Scrub

1 c. White or Brown Sugar

1/8 c. Organic Coconut Oil

5 drops Frankincense Essential Oil (I get my Oils here

5 drops Elemi Essential Oil (I get my Oils here

Mix ingredients well and make sure you store in a glass container or Oil safe plastic container.  Use daily for exfoliating and moisturizing.



What Oils come in a Kit?

The best way to start Oiling is through a Premium Starter Kit.  What that will give you is 11 of the most versatile, common oils Young Living offers.  Along with the Oils, a Diffuser of your choice, samples of Ningxia Red (post upcoming on that) and sample sachets to take with you.

Next, with the month of April, I personally will be sending you an Essential Oil Pocket Reference Book, a Chemical Free Home Book and a bottle of Cedarwood Essential Oil- Cedarwood is very calming and promotes a more restful environment for better sleep.

Below is a small blurb of each oil in the Premium Starter Kit and their primary uses.  Further questions please contact me at

Ready to get Oiling? Click this link to get your very own Kit sent to your house:

Thieves- Immunity-fights common illnesses, used for cleansing

Immunity fights common ills

Frankincense- Used for mediation, Immunity and widely for skin issues

Immunity/skin issues

RC – Coughs, congestion and allergy symptoms

RC bottle
Respiratory issues

PanAway- helps relieve symptoms of pain due to injuries/sprains

Panaway bottle
Pain Relief from injuries/sprains

Copaiba – Commonly used for Muscle Aches and Pains, Anxiety

sore/achy muscles

Purification – Sanitizing, antifungal, odor eliminator

Purification Bottle
Cleansing, odors

Lemon- used for cleansing/detoxing, kidney issues, sore throat

Cleansing, antioxidant

Lavender – Skin issues, cooling, anxiety, allergies, calming

antihistamine – swiss army knife

Peppermint- Allergies, indigestion, upset stomach

Headaches, Stomach Issues

Digize- helps deal with various issues of digestion

Digestion/stomach issues

Stress Away- Helps alleviate some Emotional Imbalance and daily stress

Stress Away
Stress and anxiety