So a little over a year ago, my family and I decided to gradually make the change to living all natural.  First off, I have struggled with sinus issues for years never thinking too much about it however after having a nasal surgery and still no relief.  Since we have started making the switch I have noticed a difference in overall breathing and allergy issues for me and my family.  Now I can’t say that it may be coincidence and coincide with the switch to all natural products in our home however I am thinking so.  Since we have switched I myself have only been on antibiotics one time over the last year and that is down for the 3-4 times in a year I was on antibiotics.  My kids only see the doctor for minor issues and nothing major.  Can we say winning?!?!?!?!  Now, this is nothing that is proven but I am thinking the switch to the natural products for everyday use certainly has made a difference.  I encourage you to look over the information that I have posted on a class regarding Young Living and the products offered.

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Sleep, need I say more?  Well we all love it and we all want it however sometimes it doesn’t come easy. For about a year we have added 2 oils to our nightly chill out routine and let me tell you it is making the difference of a lifetime.  With these 2 oils we have noticed a healthier and calmer nights sleep.  What we don’t realize is that once we don’t use them at night in our diffusers what a difference it does make in our sleep patterns. Never have I thought something as simple as a few drops of oil would make a difference in our sleep.  Boy was I missing out!
The first bottle is Peace and Calming, this is used every night and when it isn’t used wow we can really tell.

Peace and calming

Second is Cedarwood, actually this has multiple uses but it is used to encourage a restful sleep and we use it every night with Peace and Calming.


Ready to get yours?  Click the link below to get your own plus your personal starter kit with diffuser.

Essential Oils 101 Class

Young Living Essential Oils 101  Online Course

Have you heard of Essential Oils?  Would you like to know what and where they derived from?  Don’t know where to start?  Well, you are in luck! I have created an online class exclusively to educate you on Young Living Essential Oils 101 Online Course.  Lucky you, you get to view this course in your home with your comfy clothes on! This online course is exclusively for Young Living Essential Oils.

Welcome, to my Young Living Essential Oils 101 Online Course.


Please note, I am not a nurse or a doctor,  therefore, I am only giving my personal experiences and not claiming to cure any ailments. I am simply sharing what is working for my family using Young Living Essential Oils.

The Goal of this course is to help you get the information and the option and same benefit that we are by using Essential Oils.  Ready to get started?

Click below for the online Young Living Essential Oils 101 course


A snippet of a class

Young Living has been in the Essential Oil industry since 1995.  However, over the last few years they have branched to more than just Essential Oils, they are revolutionizing the market for plant based products.  This class will help give a little bit of an insight of just a few things that are offered via Young Living.

Click the below link to view a course created specifically to educate you on a few of the items that are my personal favorites with Young Living.