Lavender Sugar scrub 

Lavender Sugar Scrub

So, have I ever said how much I love my Lavender Sugar Scrub? Well, I LOVE my sugar scrub and I can’t live without it.  Like seriously! It is cooler than sliced bread and so relaxing. Honestly, you should try it and see for yourself.

Actually, we make more than just Lavender Sugar Scrub.  Fresh Princess and I make a wonderful Sugar Scrub for skin and acne.  Plus, we also make our facial cleanser and toners.  Honestly, we have noticed a HUGE difference when we use our own versus the over the counter cleansers.

Lastly, Here is my recipe and please note I exclusively use Young Living Essential Oils.

Here is the link to get yours
Lavender Sugar Scrub

Smell Good with God’s perfumes

Smell Good Naturally

Ok, every since I can remember I have had a thing about smelling good.  For years, I have used perfumes, body washes and sprays to smell better. Now I have been researching what are in those wonderful smelling products.  Boy what a shocker that is. My next project will be to make something to Smell Good Naturally!

God’s Perfumes

Now that I have ventured into another realm of DIY, making perfumes and colognes.  This is something way out of my league and I have no clue what will smell good together or not so good.  So let’s just say this is going to be a lot of trial and error.   Once I find a recipe I will post the end results.

Smell Good Naturally, God's perfumes

Want to know which Essential Oils I will be using?

Ancient Oils and their Historical Uses

Ancient Oils and their Historical Uses

Recently, I went to a class dedicated to Essential Oils from Ancient Scripture.  Wow, can I tell you how much information I received from that hour or so worth was simply incredible.

Legends of Old

We all know that Essential Oils have been around for thousands of years!  Historically, they were used by Ancient Egyptians, Roman and Asians for Healing, Spiritual use and to sustain our bodies.  Did you know that the few oils given at Jesus’ birth have some pretty amazing healing properties?  Not only were they worth a lot of money back then they were Essential for Mary to have while tending to an infant.

One thing that really sticks with me is that our Creator equipped up with the necessary tools to sustain our bodies inside and out.  That is simply amazing to me. This also makes perfect sense to me, why would we not have to ability to heal ourselves with the resources given to us?  Another learning moment for me.  So with that said, the products offered to us are all made with the plants, barks and seeds that are supplied to us by nature using the resources that were given to us to use.

This fact makes it all the more solid why I chose to represent Young Living.  Not only have I seen the benefits of the products offered Scientific evidence is showing it to me.

Another thing I am researching, is the fact that several hospitals around the Country are using Essential Oils for stress reduction in their Emergency Rooms.  Simply Amazing, considering you are pretty stressed being there in the first place.  Plus there are no harmful toxins or chemicals being dispersed.

This only makes me all the more passionate about the products that we offer.  Can you say that about the products offered at your everyday stores?



Enough said, however it is something that makes people feel ashamed and less than superior.  It is still an uninvited friend that comes and well overstays its welcome.  Unfortunately, we can pretend that we know when it is going to hit but really there is no warning.  I know we all have experienced it yet some will never admit to it.  Well, my friends you are not alone.  Please know if you have negative thoughts please reach out to someone.  You shouldn’t be ashamed of it and never once should you take any flak from someone that would say otherwise.

Much Love My Friends,

Blue Hills Mamma



5 Oils for Summertime fun

Summertime Must haves

Summer is here and boy is it sticky out there.  With that, the bugs and critters are out in full force and ready for their meals.  Stop, don’t run to get your store bought sprays, we have started using an all natural alternative so that we are not putting harmful sprays and chemicals on ourselves.  Furthermore,  I have discovered 5 Oil Must Haves for Summertime Fun that will be in my toolbox this summer.

My list of must have oils are:






How do you get these 5 Oils for Summertime Fun?

3 of the 5 oils listed come in a premium starter kit so you should get yours asap!  Click below to get yours.

So, how do these Oils particularly help with summertime fun? Well…….. Glad you asked.

Purification and peppermint are great to make your own bug repellant.  Recipes to follow.

Lavender and peppermint are great oils for after sun care.  Seriously, Peppermint is truly great for after sun care.  Don’t judge just try.

Peppermint and spearmint are also cooling oils to help when you are overheated! Did you know that?

In Closing, how awesome is it that these small drops of wonder that they have such versatile uses?  I truly am amazed I lasted 38 years without them.

Click the link below to get your drops of wonder.  Take the bull by the horns and go.

I would like to thank darling Fresh Prince of Blue Hills for contribution to this post.  (AKA Fresh Prince)