Who is Young Living Essential Oils?

Young Living Essential Oils who are they and what does that mean to you?

First of all, Young Living Essential Oils  was founded in 1995 by D. Gary and Mary Young.  The Young’s are a couple that realized there is a need for something that could better other’s lives.  Evolving into a company that has impacted millions and continues to this day.  Without the quality and heart behind Young Living you have not truly been impacted.

  • An Explanation of Young Living and their products.

Young Living uses plants and trees found in our natural environments to make quality products for everyday life.  The line offered by contains over 500 products to replace in your homes from cleansers, beauty products, hair and body products and even pet products.   Making the option to have all natural products available at your fingertips.  

  • Why I chose Young Living?

First off, every product sold through Young Living is derived from 100% pure therapeutic grade Essential Oils containing no harsh chemicals or preservatives.  So, how are you to know this is a fact not just something that is stated?  Well, Young Living has several processes of Internal and third party testing to ensure the purity and quality of every product sent out the door.   Lastly, If testing shows that a batch is not up to Par with the expectations from Young Living that batch is scraped.

  • Next, Seed to Seal what does that mean?

First off, what this means is from the seed that is planted to the seal placed on every product, there is an accountability each product on that journey of distribution. One thing highly notated point, is on every farm and with every product that is produced and distributed by Young Living there are no harsh chemicals or pesticides used for weed and pest control. This process has been termed the Seed to Seal process.  This testimony should matter as it means quality at your doorstep.

For more information on the Seed to Seal process click on the following link:  http://Www.seedtoseal.com

Young Living Essential Oils

Honestly, when researching how to make a healthier option in your home.   Foremost, I challenge you to take an open mind and informed look at Young Living Essential Oils.  

Lastly, what you will find with this company is that they are focused on what life should be about;  Family, Health and wellness!  Our families are the first and foremost important thing that we have in our lives.   In Conclusion, a life without Family and Faith we truly have nothing.

Ready to start researching?  Go look and compare you won’t be disappointed.

As a result of your research one thing you will find, is that this company truly cares to make a difference and they reward you daily and monthly with that passion.  A passion and energy that is passed down for generations to come.  Have you started to make your mark yet?


Awesome Sauce in a small capsule!

Awesome Sauce in a capsule!!

Weight loss and failure, we have all been there

With our country being overweight and constantly being on the go we find it hard to take care of ourselves.  I know I have struggled for years with so called Yo-yo weight and  It is truly frustrating and disheartening.  What I don’t want to happen is someone to get their hopes up and then be let down. There is a new product introduced that is a natural weight loss supplement. Although, I know these products are great and have shown a lot of proven results but as we know,  results will vary with everyone as our bodies are each created different.

So Here Goes…

Once again, Living has outdone theirselves and released a new product that is changing lives, literally.  These little wonders are Slique Citraslim!  The results are in, a lot of my people are seeing proven results….

Results have been showing these capsules are naturally helping people with a struggle that is all to common for us.  This small box of awesome sauce  is something that will help you with your struggle plus the ingredients that are all natural and will not be harmful.  WINNING!! There is no going wrong on this.

I am patiently waiting for mine. ?

Weight management

Order your own box of happy to start your journey to weight loss.


What’s in your Essential oils?

What's in your Essential Oils?

Essential Oils, what’s in your oils?

Have you done your research? Have you read the labels?

Recently, Fresh Princess and I  were at a local retailer and we came across some OTC Essential Oils.  Now, we are not knocking them, however I will say that if you do not read the labels and ingest some of them, then things could get hairy.   When you  start looking to purchase something to improve the quality of your home,  make sure you are reading labels to know exactly what Is in your brand of oils.

Where do I get Essential Oils?

Many companies are making it easier for every day consumers to purchase their brand of EO’s.  I believe that using EO’s are something that everyone can benefit from and they have been around for thousands of years aiding everyone from Pharoahs to Ancient Chinese rulers .

So, when you start making the switch to using EO’s make sure you are getting the actual pure oil and not half alcohol and water with a smidgeon of oil in a bottle.

Have you checked your labels yet?

Happy Oiling,

Blue Hills Momma

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Family Time and Pokemon Go

Family Time and Pokemon Go

Recent Developments of our beloved Country

Well it does seem like our Country is in a bit of an uproar. It is very sickening and disheartening to think the way that we are heading. Our Country is a beautiful land that has been founded and grown with Faith, Love and Families.  Lately, though it seems like we are headed towards a path that our founding fathers did not envision for us.

Family Time and Pokemon Go

Therefore, Today I am leaning more towards the lighter side of things.   Yes, we in our family have started with the Pokemon Go craze.  We actually have a lot of fun with it as a family and have actually made some great memories.  What I am seeing is that it is encouraging our children to be more active with incorporating their normal functions and some exercise.   Unfortunately, we are in a world that our children are tied to phones and gaming systems I think this is a good thing.  Please don’t forget safety is important  you obviously need to pay attention to your surroundings and don’t trespass on peoples properties.  Lastly,  of course don’t drive and Pokemon Go at the same time.

Now, If you do by chance get a small bump or bruise while pokemoning then I do have an oil that will help with that!


Don’t miss out on creating new memories with your family before they grow up and leave the nest.

Happy Oiling,

Blue Hills Momma

Family Time, Pokemon Go


Kittens come with Life Lessons

Life lessons are available at anytime.  We recently had a momma kitty bring her litter of 3-4 month old kittens to our house.  To see the hesitation and nervousness in these kittens was eye opening for us who take those things for granted.  However, when they realized that momma wasn’t going to run or freak out that they decided we might be ok.  Life Lesson #1 for is with these darling kittens come Life Lessons.

Patience is our friend especially for kittens

Now, we have a fleet of little outdoor kittens and their momma that hang around and play.  They are the cutest things and love playing on the swing set we have and Fresh Prince’s tree fort.  Yes, they do play on it and go down the slides repeatedly like normal children. Fresh Prince and Princess have taken on the duty  to help care for these babies and show them kindness and love.   So, with that the Royal Subjects get out of bed on their summer mornings and help feed and take care of the animals.  Training for the future when we add chickens to our zoo.

Kittens, Life Lessons, Patience, Rewards

Happy Oiling My Friends,

Blue Hills Momma!