What’s in your Essential oils?

What's in your Essential Oils?

Essential Oils, what’s in your oils?

Have you done your research? Have you read the labels?

Recently, Fresh Princess and I  were at a local retailer and we came across some OTC Essential Oils.  Now, we are not knocking them, however I will say that if you do not read the labels and ingest some of them, then things could get hairy.   When you  start looking to purchase something to improve the quality of your home,  make sure you are reading labels to know exactly what Is in your brand of oils.

Where do I get Essential Oils?

Many companies are making it easier for every day consumers to purchase their brand of EO’s.  I believe that using EO’s are something that everyone can benefit from and they have been around for thousands of years aiding everyone from Pharoahs to Ancient Chinese rulers .

So, when you start making the switch to using EO’s make sure you are getting the actual pure oil and not half alcohol and water with a smidgeon of oil in a bottle.

Have you checked your labels yet?

Happy Oiling,

Blue Hills Momma

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