Don’t Miss out with Wellness and Healthy Homes

Wellness, Healthy Homes, Healthy Families

We all want the best for our families and homes but some don’t know where to start? If you are wanting to make the journey to Wellness, Healthy Homes and Healthy Families, you have landed in the correct place.  Up on the good Ole’ Blue Hills we have journeyed into the land of living healthy and chemical free. We honestly haven’t looked back once.

Get your ammunition to better living with Essential Oils

Have you wanted to have the chemical free home but have no idea where to start?  Well you have landed in the correct place.  We have been sharing with others the ability to have the same health and wellness that we have.  Helping other families to achieve their goals of having the right tools to health and wellness is AWESOME!

How we achieve this

Click on the link below and we can get you the tools you need.  What you will do is if you want to become a wholesale customer you will get a discount on purchases and the option to earn money later down the line (strictly if you want).  Next option, is to become a retail customer, this option is for someone who just wants a few oils and no desire to build the business.  The oils still come to your door and you can order at anytime.  One thing to remember though there is absolutely no commitments, no contracts and no monthly fees.  Really there is no way to go wrong.  Please let me know when you are ready and I will assist you. I am your guide to healthy homes and families.

School’s here! Get your Learn On with Young Living

School’s here and we are happy!

Well we parents are but the kids not so much.  That’s ok because school’s here and routines are back to normal and life is good.  We can rejoice that our kids are getting smarter.  Also,  that we are raising kids to know the difference between right and wrong.  More so of the direction to which our Country needs to go.  I am blessed to know that my kids are very smart and courteous to others and know when to give a hand up.

What’s new for us to learn?

I recently attended a class for new recipes for back to school.  I am blessed and fortunate that I have a group of people like me who are interested in healthier living and share their information.  Regularly, we meet and share ideas and bounce things off each other.  One new favorite is Chemical Free Bleach! LOVE IT! Also, we have some recipes for dog spray and kitty litter box spray!  Non chemicals anti kitty smell!! My fav! Also, another things is the awesome soft scrub type cleanser.  I am truly loving this and the best part is they work great! I will post recipes later.

Don’t hesitate to start your journey to convert your mom to toxin free.  I know we haven’t regretted a single moment.

There are several ways to get your own tools to toxin free life still.

Click the link below and you can become a wholesale member with a Premium Starter Kit and get 24% off all your products with Young Living or if you want to just try a few items that is awesome too.  What you will do is become a retail customer and you will be able to purchase the oil or product you are interested in and it will come to your door.  No pressure, no commitments and no hidden fees.

August’s Rockin and Rolling

Have you tried Young Living yet?

Seriously, if you haven’t thought of Young Living you should.  There is a seriousness to this business and what they offer us.  The Young Living August Promotion is something we should all take advantage of.

Don’t wait much longer

Think, if you could save money on co-pays to doctors.  Think if you could save vacation time for actual vacation instead of sick time?  Have you thought of the ways you can give you and your family and head start on health for the school year?

Here is one thing you should consider.  Young Living Essential Oils!

Click the below link to get your own wellness kit today.

Here is Young Living August Promotion

Young Living August promotion