Hello Autumn

Hello Autumn 2016

Well this year is blowing by us.  I really can not believe how time does really fly.  Autumn is gracing the Midwest with beautiful temperatures and days.  This brings much reflection to me.  This year my King and I will celebrate 18 years of marriage.  Every year is a new adventure and we truly have been so blessed in our times together.  We have beautiful children and smart to boot!! When I say Hello Autumn 2016, I truly mean it.  I love this time of year and I love everything that comes with it.

Autumn 2016

Here at Blue Hills Oils we are taking every day as it comes.  No fear, No regrets, No What ifs, we live everyday as it was our last.  We always say we love each other no matter how many times.  Many times regrets can alter what we are truly grateful for.   We all have them but to dwell on them?  Not a good thing for sure.  With this autumn we experienced our first Homecoming dance with our darling Princess and let me tell you this momma needed some extra Peace and Calming, for sure.  (p.s. I get mine here http://yl.pe/3k8b).  My goodness she was beautiful and took my breath away.  I am so thankful she knows the value of modesty and doesn’t rely on others to boost her confidence.   This is something that I think all teenage girls should behold.


When you sit and think about things, you really should look forward to the fun and the beginnings.  New things are scary but that is how we learn and grow.  Never fear we are all in this journey together.  Not one person should be left behind and if you ever think you are alone you are not!  Remember blessings are everywhere and our Creator silently gives us everything we need! Remember, the teacher is always silent during a test…….

Hello Autumn 2016!

Much love,

Blue Hills Momma!

9/11/2001 – Never Forget

September 11


September 11, this day for our generation is one that will never be forgotten.  I remember it very clearly and still to this day brings tears to my eyes and I am forever thankful for the men and women that sacrificed for us to protect and serve us and the first responders that put their lives on the line daily.

September 11

September 11 has now become a lesson in school for what our Country has endured and what was sacrificed that day for us. I remember very clearly what I was doing and the chaos that our Country was enduring.

September 11, we did not work one bit.  We watched every event unfold, we cried and wondered what we were getting into.  My friend had a newborn and I was pregnant.  We cried for the unknown future of our babies and the unknown future of our Country.   I have truly never experienced so much Anxiety and Panic as I did that day. As we watched our beautiful Country endure this level of pain since Pearl Harbor we prayed.    I prayed for the families that lost their loved ones and I thanked God that my family was safe. I pray that my Children don’t have to witness horror of that magnitude.


The days following were days never to forget.

Uncertainty for the babies that wouldn’t be able to see their parents again. Sadness enveloped me for the husbands and wives that wouldn’t see each other again.  My heart broke for the first responders sacrificed on the front lines. Prayers were said for the East Coast that didn’t know whether they were in the clear or if they were in the hot seat again. For the mothers and fathers who wouldn’t be able to kiss their babies again I prayed for Peace.

That day, my faith in humanity was tested.  To see that a group of people purposely planned and carried out a horrific attack on a power house of a Country. It was horribly life shattering and heart breaking.

Moving on

Do we ever forget? No! Do we move on?  Yes! We move on and we build a future of resilience and tenacity.  The World now knows that United States of America will stand tall and that we will forage through the horrible tragedies.  Yet, we know that even though we prevailed, we are not bullet proof.  USA will fight back.

God Bless America!!!

Much Love,

Blue Momma

Random Stuff

Random Stuff

So, first off I want to thank you all for coming to my blog.  Next, this post is going to be full of Random Stuff.  So, if you don’t want to see randomness then I warned you!   

As we know, School has started and darling Princess is now officially a High Schooler and darling Prince is in his last year of Upper Elementary.  I can assure you that I feel like I just graduated High School myself a few years ago.  HEHE! With having a High Schooler comes all kinds of wrinkles per se, not just for her but for Mom and Dad. We are entering a territory that is completely different from when darling Husband and I experienced in our lives. 

Social media

One thing we didn’t have a lot of was technology that is available today. We didn’t have Social Media, We didn’t have Cell Phones, We didn’t have any of the technical components that kids have now a days.  Which honestly, I am very thankful for.  However it does bring more problems.  We constantly monitor everything the royal subjects do on their phones and we are pretty open on things that we see.  Also, we try very hard to be non-judgmental when we see something we don’t necessarily agree with.  At some point we have to allow them to make some mistakes but not to do something that will be with them the rest of their lives.  I can tell you it is not always easy either.  As we know, choices are something that we kind of have to deal with making good ones and making bad ones.  Never easy! 

Kids are joy!

Never in our tough decisions and tough love decisions have we ever looked back.  Every day is a new experience and a joy at the same time.  I have always wanted the perfect life and the perfect family.  I have learned nothing is perfect and that is mighty fine with me because I think my family and my life is perfect for me.  Nothing that I have or the experiences that I have had would be changed for all the money in the world.  I can without a doubt say I am a truly blessed woman and have all the perfection this little momma can ask for!

Much Love,

Blue Hills Momma