Make your own home products

Make your own products

Make your own products

My newest venture is branching out and hosting Make and Take with our Essential Oils.  I will tell you for sure that this whole website/blog and hosting classes is me totally stepping out of my comfort zone as well as kicking my royal rear!  In retrospect, the feelings of inadequacies and not being good enough can be overwhelming when you take on the world wide web. However, I know there is a need out there for others to know about healthier products and how to do it on a budget.  Therefore, this momma keeps on trucking!

By far, I am not a techy outgoing person and I am certainly not savvy enough to build a website by myself.  But you know what?  I did it, I broke the mold on myself and did hard things.  How do you say, I am realizing that keeping the knowledge i have about how to make all natural things is not helping a single soul keeping it to myself.  Seriously, if I can show a young mom how to make her own chemical free hand sanitizer and keep that baby healthy my dreams be answered.

Parents and responsibilities

We as parents, have a responsibility to give our families the best they can get and living an all natural lifestyle is the best we can do.  Also, providing the childhood where we can live free of worries and not having harmful items around.  Make your own products is a great way for parents on a budget to get those all natural products and not break the bank as well as feeling good about what they are using.  The possibilities are truly endless when we start looking at the big picture.  Truthfully, I had no idea the amount of things I could replace in my home with all natural products that I could make.  Seriously, the possibilities are truly endless.

Want to get your own kit to start making your own products with the recipes that we have on this site?

Click the link below and you will get the same results as I am going to be posting about.



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