Homemade Holidays!

Homemade Holidays

Happy Holidays!

We are very excited to bring in the Holiday season and can’t wait to share more Oily  awesomeness with you. This Holiday Season we are especially Thankful for all of our friends and family that have started their journey to All Natural Living with us.  Therefore, we are posting some fun recipes to share with others.



Every Essential Oil Mentioned in this blog is Young Living Essential oil follow this link to get yours



Now, Holiday Gift Ideas from the Heart. (borrowed from a teammate)

Lemon Sugar Scrub-  

2 and a half cups white refined sugar.

1 cup Extra virgin olive oil (or other type of oil).

20 drops Lemon -You can also add optional ingredients as well.  

Mix all together and store in a glass container with a lid

Brown Sugar body and face rub-  

2 cups brown sugar

1/2 cup honey

2 Tbsp Lemon Juice

20 drops lemon essential oil(or your oil of choice)

1 cup extra virgin olive oil

Mix all together and store in a glass container with a lid

Homemade Bath Salts-

1/3 cup coarse sea salt

¾ cup Epsom salts, to soothe tired muscles and reduce inflammation

1/8 cup baking soda, to soften waters and alleviate skin irritation.

In a large bowl, mix to combine while adding a few drops of peppermint essential oils, Lavender and thieves.

***Please note we are not doctors or nurses and these are strictly stuff we have used in the past and we love them.***

Diffuser Bracelets

Diffuser Bracelets

Diffuser Bracelets

Diffuser Bracelets, coolest thing since Coach Bags!  No getting around it, they are cool.   Well,  as my darling Princess will say they are lit.  So, here’s the skinny these are Diffuser Bracelets by Sassy Snappy Jewelry.  If you haven’t been to the her website you should totally visit their website at http://www.sassysnapjewelry.com.  My recommendation is to get a Diffuser Bracelet to have in your arsenal for the flu season!

There are a variety of choices between bracelets, necklaces and everything.  Go check it out and get yours today.  Back to the diffuser bracelets, how these work is in the snap there is a felt pad that you place your oil of choice on.  Of Course, we have some really great oils to choose from and it is a nice accessory to have.  Furthermore, they are not just an accessory they have a purpose as well.  For instance, today I have placed Lavender on my pad in my bracelet to promote a calming atmosphere wherever I go.  Pretty nifty huh?  Also, you can change it up a little and in the height of Flu Season you could put Thieves oil (supports immunity) or Frankincense (also great to support immunity). Seriously, these don’t just support your immunity and wellness but it can support others as well.   Now that you have your bracelet, lets get  you some oils!  Follow the link below to get your very own kit of multiple oils to promote your wellness this season.


Happy Oiling,

Blue Hills Momma

Cold and Flu Season

Cold Flu Season

Cold Flu Season

The  Cold and Flu Season is upon us and starting to get a lot of us. This is where my inner scrooge comes out and goes full speed ahead.  I don’t like being sick, I don’t like seeing my kids sick, I don’t like seeing my husband sick, I just plain don’t like the sickness that comes with this time of year! It stresses me out to no end.  If you follow my blog then you know that I post on a variety of things ranging from politics, to my family, to Essential Oils to. Lord knows what else.

Unfortunately, with working in an office setting I have A LOT of people that come to work sick and coughing because let’s face it who wants to use vacation for sickness?  NOT ME! I would much rather use it for vacation on a beach or in the mountains for sure.  However, that doesn’t mean that you should stay home if you are truly sick.  Let me tell you, I have seen some people in my office that should have stayed home!  So what do I do? Bring my all natural wipes and spray.  At this point, bleach cleaners irritate my nose and throat and frankly I don’t want to use them.

The purpose of my rant today?  Is to say if you are sick STAY HOME!!! Don’t infect everyone you come into contact with at work or school.  STAY HOME! Make the effort to keep your kids home too, that is the worst is sending your kids to school while they are sick and running a fever.  When my kids were younger I would make it a point to keep them home if they were sick, I just couldn’t bring myself to infecting other children.

In closing,

Please in this Cold Flu Season, if you or your family are sick stay home! Save humanity by doing the right thing!  However, if you want to get the tools to make your own all natural cleaners and wipes.  Go to the following  link and the memberships are 10% off through the end of Oct 19, 2016


Wrinkles and Society



Wrinkles, the tell tale sign we are aging.  Some people are aging more graceful than others.  Most likely, this is from stress and anxiety from everyday life. Everyone, has so much going on there is no sitting back and relaxing on any given night.

Society and Stress

Well for one, I know that everyday life is stressful and overwhelming.  Especially with the 2016 Presidential Election coming up.   Let’s just say,  this Election is turning out to be very interesting.

No matter what side of the fence you are on, both candidates have a lot of “wrinkles” that need to be ironed out and thought of before debates or news releases for sure.  Particularly, I don’t care for election seasons as we see all kinds of people bashing each other and name calling.   However, this is a necessary evil that we have to participate in as a society.


Slandering, that is not how I have raised my kids and I am pretty sure our Creator doesn’t condone it either.  More So,  as time goes on we will continue to see more of that.   Good old fashioned friendly competition, are we don’t with that?  In truth? I believe we are and unfortunately we won’t being seeing any of that in the near future.

A Happy Note

In closing, here is a lovely little “Iron” for our aging lines that are appearing on our beautiful skin…

Election Iron: (I.E. Anti-aging reducer)

1 drop Lavender Essential Oil

1 drop Frankincense Essential Oil

1 drop Lemon Essential Oil

Mix together and apply to your spot needing “ironed” morning and night. On Another Note, you could mix a bigger batch of about 5 drops each in a roller bottle and fill the rest with carrier oil and apply as directed.

All oils listed in the recipe are found in the Premium Starter Kit featured here:


Hello Autumn

Hello Autumn 2016

Well this year is blowing by us.  I really can not believe how time does really fly.  Autumn is gracing the Midwest with beautiful temperatures and days.  This brings much reflection to me.  This year my King and I will celebrate 18 years of marriage.  Every year is a new adventure and we truly have been so blessed in our times together.  We have beautiful children and smart to boot!! When I say Hello Autumn 2016, I truly mean it.  I love this time of year and I love everything that comes with it.

Autumn 2016

Here at Blue Hills Oils we are taking every day as it comes.  No fear, No regrets, No What ifs, we live everyday as it was our last.  We always say we love each other no matter how many times.  Many times regrets can alter what we are truly grateful for.   We all have them but to dwell on them?  Not a good thing for sure.  With this autumn we experienced our first Homecoming dance with our darling Princess and let me tell you this momma needed some extra Peace and Calming, for sure.  (p.s. I get mine here http://yl.pe/3k8b).  My goodness she was beautiful and took my breath away.  I am so thankful she knows the value of modesty and doesn’t rely on others to boost her confidence.   This is something that I think all teenage girls should behold.


When you sit and think about things, you really should look forward to the fun and the beginnings.  New things are scary but that is how we learn and grow.  Never fear we are all in this journey together.  Not one person should be left behind and if you ever think you are alone you are not!  Remember blessings are everywhere and our Creator silently gives us everything we need! Remember, the teacher is always silent during a test…….

Hello Autumn 2016!

Much love,

Blue Hills Momma!