Allergies 101

Crash course in Allergies here!   Since moving to The Hill we have learned when and what we are allergic to.  For someone that has been able to ride horses, play in fields and pretty much do anything possible, I am finding that I am allergic to EVERYTHING!  Unfortunately, I am not the only one Darling Prince and Sweet Prince are too….

Teenage Sports Woes

So here goes…. Darling Princess of my heart is running track for her school.  Second track meet of the year and Princess tripped over a hurdle, what does she do?  Gets right back up and keeps going.  Atta girl!  Now when she gets home she is sore so what does this momma do?  Pull out the good ole pain cream I made from my essential oils.  No it doesn’t smell like Ben gay but it works. 😉  I think  we are going to have to put some in her track bag to have at the meets.  🤔 the recipe for the pain cream will follow.  Oh boy!  I Believe that this is only the beginning as Darling Prince will be following in her footsteps very soon and we all know how boys are!


Welcome to my page!  I am glad you stopped by and are venturing to share in my crazy life.  Let’s see a little about me? Well, I am a native of the Kansas City area I am a Wife, Mother and Daughter In Law, I work in Insurance and I have ventured into the world of teenage hood with my daughter who is 14 years old and a 10 year old son. My sweet hubby and I have been married for 18 years and I am forever thankful for him every single day! We have recently began the love of using Essential Oils from Young Living Essential Oils. The benefits we are seeing from them are astounding! Here we are going to share experiences, recipes and different fun every day craziness.